About Concrete Floor Sealers and Why You Should Use Them to Preserve Your Floor

concrete floor sealerHave you ever applied a stain guard on your leather sofa with the understanding that your seat will last longer? Have you waxed your expensive auto mobile, with the feeling that you will love the outcome at the end of it all? Well, the same thing applies to concrete floors. Sealing a concrete floor is the surest way to sprucing up its appearance while protecting it from the effects of day-to-day wear.┬áTake time to apply this fine layer of a seal, and you’ll have your beautiful concrete floor last long. Furthermore, it will also enhance and preserve your floor’s original appearance.

The following is a comprehensive coverage of concrete floor sealers and how they are effective in protecting your floor:

Types of concrete sealers used on interior concrete floor surfaces

For decorative purposes, professionals will use a special type of concrete floor sealer known as film-forming sealer. Under this category of film-formers for concrete floors, you’ll find several types to purchase. Each sealer has its own pros and cons.

Compatibility of sealer with decorative treatment

You can apply the sealer on stained concrete, polished, dyed or overlay type of floor. So to be sure whether the sealer you want to buy is compatible with the decorative treatment you have on the floor, make sure you ask the manufacturer for verification. Certain sealers may react to colouring agents or overlays, and may result in bubbling, blistering or bleeding.

Sealers that protect concrete floors from scuffs and stains

Polyurethane or Epoxy sealers have good stain/scuff-resistance level. These concrete sealers offer reliable protection, and are easy to maintain, so they’re ideal for high-traffic floor applications. On the other hand, softer acrylic concrete sealers will need frequent maintenance — at the same time, subjecting you to the cost of buying wax or sacrificial floor finish with the intend of preventing wear or heel marks.

Sealers that provide the correct sheen based on your taste

For homeowners looking for the appearance of polished marble, medium to high gloss sheen will suffice. Take note that acrylic concrete sealers are available in a wide range of sheen levels. Lastly, if you don’t desire a high shine floor, you could go with film-forming concrete sealers which feature matte/low gloss finishes.


With this type of floor preservation, you will increase the value of your home. Furthermore, it will save you from the costly repairs that come with frequent concrete floor maintenance. Therefore, applying sealers is never a bad idea anyway.